Monday, August 11, 2008

I Probably Shouldn't Have Done That...

First, a little background on me. I'm 30, married, and I live with my mother. I know how that sounds. I hear it too. My husband is a trucker, and is home about 4-5 days a month, maybe. It makes sense to live with someone then, to share expenses and to stay busy. Mom has a few health issues, so it works for her too. Except not so much privacy, but oh well. I get all the best looks from people though. "Do you work?" "No, I knit and look after Mom." Imagine. The truth is, she is 5'2" and shrinking, has hip and back problems, and frequently has little to no sensation in her feet. And she is always trying to do things that a 6'3" trucker wouldn't want to try alone.

But I digress. My husband, Adam, is out on the road for about three weeks at a time, and I generally don't get money until he gets home. He just left out Saturday, so I won't see him again until the end of August, or start of September. I paid our bills, and then.... I totally splurged on a beautiful sock yarn/scarf combo from Ray over there is always cooking up something tempting, but I try to resist. The other day though, he got me. A colorway called At the Beach called to me. I'll try to post pictures when I receive it. I'll pet it when I wish I'd saved the money for something else, especially since I'm really not a sock knitter.

It's not a bias against socks, I'm just afraid of double pointed needles. They make me crazy. I can do the two circular trick, but it seems to pull on the sock, you know? This April, I went to see Stephanie at a book signing event, and I bought one of those clever little 9" circular needles. I finished a sock! I was so proud. I got about two thirds of the way through the second sock, and SNAP! My little toothpick looking needle broke. I knew tiny needles should be metal, I KNEW it. Anyway. So I'm not a sock knitter, but I am the owner of some beautiful, if a little pricey sock yarn (and matching silk scarf!).


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, now I went and put my foot in it...


I've been threatening this for some time, and here I am. No longer blogless.