Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm bad, but I've been fine

I'm a terrible blogger. If you can even call me that. I've only posted a couple times months ago.

Many things have happened both in the world at large and with me since my last entry. Of course, there is the historic election, which pleased me. I like it when the guy I voted for wins. Also, I'm so proud of the several people who voted for the very first time. My sister didn't bother her first chance, in 2002, but she made sure to take my niece this time. My aunt too, voted for the first time, at 62. I want everyone to add their voice, regardless of which way they vote. Honestly. I'd rather my candidate lost in an election where 99% of eligible voters turned out than have him (or her) win with a 39% turnout.

In more personal spheres, I just had a birthday this week. My thirty-first. My younger brother and his girlfriend gave me my favorite present ever, my brand new nephew Landen Joseph. 20 inches long, 6lbs, 4oz. Within the hour of his birth, my brother went from saying that he was blonde with blue eyes, to thinking Landen's eyes were going to turn out more brown. I haven't gotten to go see him just yet. First, I didn't want to overwhelm the hospital with family. Then it's been really snowy. Also the week has been full of plans with people who wanted to celebrate MY birthday. My brother has only just been living with his girlfriend a few months, and I'm not sure where it is exactly. I'm full of excuses.

The house is mostly decorated, and I've been shopping for Christmas. There's still one more baby coming this year, but I've nearly gotten the present all done. After Christmas, I'm going to begin my sister-in-law's wedding present. When that's done, I'm going to dig into a meaty lace project. YAY!

I hope to be a better blogger soon, but no promises, sorry.